retrofit PAKAGE

Since every machine and plant, especially between industries, are different, and thus the ways of solving the problem very different, we offer the possibility of a retrofit PACKAGE.

This basically involves carrying out a feasibility study against the context of the various options and technologies in order to continue operating an existing machine or plant, and also from an economic perspective.

On the basis of the available documents and an examination of the machine and interfaces on site, it will be determined whether and to what extent the following points can be depicted:

IT retrofit

Check whether existing PC systems can be replaced in systems / machines with current hardware while maintaining the software (1: 1)


Verification of new production of discontinued components / components

Verification of the electrical system / repair of existing components, or procurement of discontinued components

Economics retrofit

On the basis of concrete data from the production as well as historical data statements to the economy can be made quite accurately. The basis for this is a profitability analysis, also for free download.

retrofit SIEMENS

Checking the migration of SIEMENS technology to current components (software / hardware) [Option available in the future]


The final report is a report that compares the possibilities with their advantages and disadvantages and makes a recommendation against the background of technical, economic, temporal and local feasibility and feasibility.

At the end of the day, the goal of a retrofit with comparatively low resources is to maintain production in the machine inventory economically, safely and sustainably.