RAID Retrofitting

Retrofit RAID system

Subsequent retrofitting to a RAID system, which was not considered in the original state of delivery of a machine or system, is widely regarded as not feasible.

Because retrofitting would be very beneficial in many cases, industries, and application scenarios, we have developed a system that allows for retrospective implementation of common RAID standards. The corresponding whitepaper on the development [DOWNLOAD] defines the corresponding requirements and prerequisites, explains advantages and basic mechanics.

The following RAID configurations are currently feasible:

  • RAID 0

  • RAID 1

  • RAID 3

  • RAID 5

  • RAID 10


  • No change or intervention in machine / system necessary

  • No software modification / installation necessary

  • hardware solution

  • Machine data are retained 1: 1

  • Universally retrofittable

  • Increase data security

  • Always up-to-date backup

  • Reduction of production loss risk

  • Reduction of machine downtime

  • Cheap solution

retrofit RAID