Industrial-IT / Machines + Equipment

  • Elimination of Issues

  • Prevent recurrence

  • Fast reaction

  • Policy-compliant implementation

Risk- / 
Condition analysis
  • Risk analysis of IT-systems in existing machines & equipment in the entire facility

  • Detailed condition analysis

retrofit GmbH - 
  • Free-of-charge risk / condition analysis

  • Fixed price offer for troubleshooting

  • Functional promise - or money back

Data backup + backups
  • Creation of regular / one-time data backup / backups of the overall machines / equipment IT

  • Quickly recoverable

  • Contingency plan compliant

Maintenance +
Maintenance plans
  • Regular maintenance

  • Machine IT condition determination corresponding to planning

  • Creation of maintenance plans for IT-systems in machines / equipment

Contingency plans
  • Definition of emergency / machine IT failure

  • Development of options for action

  • Action plan for implementation

IT troubleshooting

Industrial machines and equipment, like other IT systems, have problems and malfunctions that slow down normal production operations or lead to production downtimes.

Examples of this are computer-based systems in which resets or restarts occur during operation, defects in the operating system (software) or defects in the system components (hardware), or have failed completely.

These failures are analyzed in a timely manner, technically corrected, and a recurrence is prevented with appropriately defined measures.

The group's or company's internal IT policies are complied with at all times. The following Microsoft operating systems are supported, for example:

IT risk / condition analysis

In order to get an overview of the IT equipment of the machines in production, retrofit GmbH creates free-of-charge risk and condition analyzes of all relevant systems of a company. In addition to the hardware components, machine age, failure probabilities and critical components are broken down, which are brought together in a condition analysis after machine inspection. In addition, the operator evaluates the machine downtime effects to achieve a realistic assessment of the relevance.

This enables a comprehensive overview of all IT-relevant machines and components.

retro fit GmbH - IT promise

The IT promises of retrofit GmbH can be formulated as follows:


  • Free-of-charge risk and condition analyzes of systems and equipment are created in the context of their IT hardware and software. There are no obligations associated with this. The travel costs or other services of retrofit GmbH are free of charge.

  • As a standard, fixed price offers for transparent calculability are created for troubleshooting in IT systems. This makes it clear beforehand what a functional restoration of a system costs, without any surprises.

  • There is also a function promise for troubleshooting: If the function cannot be restored or the fault cannot be remedied, there are NO costs.


IT data backup + backups

With industrial machines or equipment, frequent, at least regular, data backups are essential, especially if production programs are written on the machines or production data is saved for tracking.

Data backups can mostly be carried out independently by hardware and machine manufacturers, as can the steps for data recovery.

The same applies to complete system backups, where the software environment as a whole is relevant in addition to the operational production data.

A distinction can be made between hardware and software solutions. For example, a hardware retrofit of a RAID1 solution can be implemented, i.e. a mirrored hard drive system, which enables up-to-date and secure data backup.

IT maintenance + maintenance plans
Netzwerk-Hub und Kabel

The maintenance of IT systems in machines and equipments can be done on an individual basis or depending on a maintenance plan to be defined . Hardware and software components are relevant.

On the hardware side for example the power supply, the state of the hard disk and the state of the other electrical IT components,

as well as the software, the conformity of the operating systems used with internally defined operating systems. For example, difficulties arise when a company prescribes the use of the latest Microsoft operating system for security reasons company-wide, but the production still operates with machines based on Windows 2000. Appropriate solutions can be found in the course of planned maintenance.

Corresponding plans can be defined company-wide or facility-wide after the analysis has been carried out.

IT emergency plans

When a machine comes to a standstill, quick action is required to keep production downtime as low as possible. This also applies to IT malfunctions in a machine or system. In order to be optimally prepared for various scenarios (software vs. hardware), emergency plans are prepared and appropriate measures are defined. These can have software implications or, for fast function restoration, the replacement of entire hardware modules.