Monitoring / EMS

As a service provider, retrofit GmbH also provides its customers with advice in the area of ​​environmental monitoring.

This starts with the preparation and evaluation of the first documents of a tender in the form of specifications and specifications, goes through the comparison of the system providers who have participated in a tender, to the accompaniment of the implementation and documentation.

Requirements for new or existing systems, changes or extensions are accompanied and analyzed with specification sheets.

The documents of the providers are compared against each other and against the specifications and evaluated, the moderation and communication with the providers is accompanied. For example, the following sub-aspects are examined:


  • User Requirement Specification (URS)

  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)

  • Software Design Specification (SDS)

  • Hardware Design Specification (HDS)

  • Installation Qualification (IQ)

  • Operation Qualification (OQ)



Here, the technical and financial aspects of the projects are brought into focus, analyzed and accompanied accordingly, in order to achieve an optimal, independent result for the customer, respectively operator.

Manigfaltige questions are set up together with the operator and discussed with the suppliers together, for example:

What requirements are implemented with which technical aids, are these 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, what about Data Integrity, which protocols and interfaces are used and make sense for the future?


This is realized as part of the project management services according to the requirements of the customers.

Information technology (IT)

Most of our clients' projects focus on information technology. Here it is relevant to understand the processes and business requirements in order to implement them optimally in the project.

Server structures, storage architectures and network infrastructures in large companies are not unknown, optimal integration into networks with effective and efficient planning is the minimum requirement.


For IT-technical questions, or the interface between business and implementation, especially in the context of the main services of retrofitting as well as environmental monitoring, retrofit GmbH is a reliable and strong partner.


For specific questions and services please write us a message or call us.

Components / Hardware

For a retrofit of a machine or plant rarely standard hardware can be used, as far as the area of environmental monitoring is concerned. Components must have the right interfaces, the right performance data, and are designed to withstand high loads, most of which result from 24/7 plant and machine operation.


Choosing the right hardware for us is always a natural part of the customer projects, be it that the customer procures the hardware itself, or we offer this from a single source.


This applies both to information technology components, and therefore to special designs in the (high-grade) steel sector, if "standard" is not sufficient.