& solutions

We modernize (computer-aided) machines / equipment, resolve critical IT issues and repair electronic components so that new purchases can be avoided and existing machines can continue to operate safely, stably and cheaply.


IT retrofit
  • Hardware exchange of computers in machines + equipment

  • Significant reduction in default risk

  • Extension of equipment life > 5 years

retrofit hard disk / HDD
  • Replacement of hard disk drives

  • Without data loss

  • Complete data migration

  • SSD technology retrofit

Machinery virtualization

Transfer of physical computers into virtual machines, including interfaces.

retrofit PAKAGE

IT retrofit, repair electronics, investigation (economy, feasibility), implementation


Support in initiating, planning, controlling, controlling and completing projects


Monitoring / EMS, Information Technology, Components / Hardware

Maintenance / service

Interval maintenance,

Provision of backups / redundancy, support for IT failures

retro fit GmbH - IT promise

The IT promises of retrofit GmbH can be formulated as follows:


  • Free risk and condition analyzes of systems and machines are created in the context of their IT hardware and software. There are no obligations associated with this. The arrival or other services of the GmbH are free of charge.

  • In principle, fixed price offers for transparent calculability are created for troubleshooting in IT systems. This makes it clear beforehand what a functional restoration of a system costs, without any surprises.

  • There is also a function promise for troubleshooting: If the function cannot be restored or the fault cannot be remedied, there are NO costs.



RAID Retrofitting

Subsequent 1: 1 hardware implementation of a RAID system, without data loss, system-independent

Spare Parts

Electrical components and spare parts for machinery and equipment


Repair of electrical components and spare parts, including warranty

Industrial-IT / Machines + Equipment
  • Elimination of faults & issues

  • Prevent recurrence

  • Fast reaction

  • Policy-compliant implementation

  • IT risk + condition analysis

Electronics Repair
  • Analysis of PCB components

  • Repair / exchange of defective components

  • Worldwide procurement of spare parts